How Can Inmedtory Help You

Inmedtory is designed to simplify crash cart management.

Mobile support


InMedtory allows healthcare providers to access current crash cart inventory from anywhere using a cell phone.

Expiration Monitoring


InMedtory proactively monitors expiration dates and alerts staff as items approach expiry, ensuring timely replacement.

Compliance Management


InMedtory helps to ensure that your crash carts are in compliance with local regulations and guidelines.

Inventory Tracking


InMedtory effectively oversees the contents of each crash cart, helping ensure the presence and functionality of crucial items such as medications, defibrillators, IV lines, airway management tools, and more.

Real-time notifications


InMedtory ensures that medical teams are always fully prepared for sudden emergencies by promptly sending real-time notifications, alerting staff to any critical crash cart issues.

Remote Accessibility


Staff can easily check the status of each cart and get immediate updates with a quick look at the cell phone. This allows for convenient monitoring and even remote ordering of necessary supplies.

Maintenance scheduling


InMedtory can track and notify staff about necessary maintenance. Consistent checks are essential to ensure that all equipment remains operational and ready.

Reports and analytics


InMedtory is designed to provide comprehensive reports on crash cart usage, inventory status, and other crucial management insights.

Item Recall Management


InMedtory's advanced tracking system ensures accuracy and efficiency, significantly reducing the risk associated with recalled medical products.

What sets us apart

Empower your healthcare workforce with the tool they need to effortlessly maintain and update Crash Cart medications and supplies in real time.


Improved Accountability

Actions such as accessing the cart, restocking items, and performing maintenance checks are recorded allowing for accountability, transparency, and responsibility within the healthcare team.


Efficient Inventory Management

InMedtory's system simplifies tracking and replenishing medical supplies, ensuring critical equipment is always available, reducing wastage and costs.


Maintenance Made Simple

InMedtory efficiently streamlines equipment upkeep with automated reminders, centralized tracking, and intuitive tools, making maintenance effortless and reliable.

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Innovative functionality

Inmedtory is your ultimate solution for streamlined operations, quick implementation and comprehensive support.

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Storage Units

Create and customize many storage units to fit your medical needs.

Inventory Check list

Items can be organized and quantified according to your choice.

Expired Items

Receive notifications of upcoming expiration dates, keeping your inventory up-to-date.


Missing Items

Receive notifications of missing items in your storage units to optimize patient care and safety.

Recalled Items

Quickly locate and remove recalled items from your storage units.

Storage Unit Checks

Receive notifications of daily, weekly and monthly required checks.

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